New ask Hacker News story: Ask HN: What can Firefox do to get you to make the switch?

Ask HN: What can Firefox do to get you to make the switch?
3 by abbadadda | 1 comments on Hacker News.
Over the past several months, due to privacy concerns, I have been working on making the switch to Firefox. Other browsers out there cough Chrome cough are great but the idea of their parent company reading every website I visit is unsettling. I am trying to break out of the Google ecosystem in general, but I’m having a hard time with my web browser. Overall I have been really impressed with some of Firefox’s new features in addition to the dedication to privacy and security. But there are some things missing for me in Firefox that could be improved to encourage me to make the switch. The hardest part is porting over all my saved information such as usernames and passwords. But then there are little things like no ability to pull down a web page on Firefox mobile to refresh. Whether big or small, what can Firefox do to encourage you to make the switch from your browser of choice?

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