New top story on Hacker News: Ask HN: How do you create a successful community from zero?

Ask HN: How do you create a successful community from zero?
18 by rorocoeur | 8 comments on Hacker News.
Successful online communities like seem to come up every now and then, in all kind of topics. They reach a stable and high growth, and then they die at some point. What makes these communities different from the one that did not succeed?

New ask Hacker News story: Ask HN: How to Sell Proprietary Software?

Ask HN: How to Sell Proprietary Software?
4 by amirouche | 0 comments on Hacker News.
I am investigating practices around selling proprietary software. I know about the SAAS or managed approach where I need to handle all hosting operations. In my case, customers might need to self-host the software for security or privacy reasons. I am wondering how to enforce license and contract. I am considering to add a routine in my program to “call home” with only the necessary informations, at which point the server will respond with the necessary information that will allow the program to run. How do you sell software?